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Now online the videos we shot with Circus Studi Fotografici Italiani for Caracalla Cosmetici, a new beauty company. A travel through softness and femininity.

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Roksanda recently designed a Capsule Collection for Marina Rinaldi. I had the amazing chance to shoot an interview with her and Marina Rinaldi’s staff in Reggio Emilia, at Collezione Maramotti.


New ideas for dmail! Shooting in RedFarm.

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A surreal trip in Cinecittà for Marina Rinaldi. Great art direction and crew! Soon online!

Fabbrica di Pedavena was the main sponsor for Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia. RedFarm followed the social activities during the festival and all the related ADV.


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After one month of social adv and campaign, the “Festa dell’Orzo” (beer fest) in Pedavena is gone! 42.000 people in 3 days; events, concerts, good food and, of course, good beer!

Follow the new social campaign for Pedavena with the hashtag #faccedapedavena

After a couple of week introducing the Pedavena’s faces and characters, we are now starting to promote the “Festa dell’Orzo” (Pedavena’s Beer Festival). Follow the new social campaign with the hashtag #faccedapedavena

The new social campaign I created, together with the creative agency RedFarm, for the beer company “Birrificio di Pedavena” has started! Based on the hashtag #faccedapoedavena, the campaign tells about the people around Pedavena’s world. A few interviews are already online and, starting next week, we’ll post more funny contents to promote their beer festival, Festa dell’Orzo! Stay tuned!

This is our last work with RedFarm and Take agencies: a TV spot for Domal, an italian brand of window frames. Nice shooting day in a very nice shooting atmoshpere!