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A simple experiment on a random crossroad in Kilis, southeastern Turkey.

BOMBER light
The new videoclip of Bomber’s “The goose flesh blues” is almost ready! We shot three weeks ago in an amazing 70’s location to give the perfect look to the images. Online soon!

Ask me for password!

Last month Canon has launched a competition “Canon la grande occasione”: I had to present a concept for a short documentary. My concept was selected and I had the chance to work with a Canon C300 for one week.
The short doc is now in post production, thank to Clauda Rosa, editor, and Massimiliano Cestari, sound designer.
I won’t write anything now about Dario’s story: have to wait till the beginning of September!

Last weeks the Italian director Marco Maccaferri shot the last scenes of “Il buco”, his new feature film. I was on the set to shoot the backstage: great experience!

gwen bella
Here there are two new articles about Gwen Albers’ work as actress and dancer. I am every day prouder and prouder of her talent and grateful for the chance I had – and I hope I will have again! – to work with her.

Check this and this out!

The second New York story has been posted on FSA vimeo channel!