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A simple experiment on a random crossroad in Kilis, southeastern Turkey.

“How to make a cat feel home” was shot in May in Balat, close to the Golden Horn, right under the great Theodosian Walls.
This little space is set like a house: chairs, sofas, carpets. A nice lady takes daily care of a group of cats, cleaning, feeding them and, most of all, cuddling them.
Shot with IPhone4


Last month Canon has launched a competition “Canon la grande occasione”: I had to present a concept for a short documentary. My concept was selected and I had the chance to work with a Canon C300 for one week.
The short doc is now in post production, thank to Clauda Rosa, editor, and Massimiliano Cestari, sound designer.
I won’t write anything now about Dario’s story: have to wait till the beginning of September!

coming soon trailer
The trailer for Lutteuses 47 will be presented today at the 23rd edition of the African Film Festival in Milan, at the Casa del Pane in Porta Venezia!