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Lutteuses 47 in movie theatre!

Next Wednesday, November 13th, my documentary “Lutteuses 47” will be screened at Cinema Palestrina in Milano. The film is about the project against TBC started by Stop TB Italia in Senegal. The project, that will last three years, provides among other things the training of a group of women on tuberculosis. The aim is to raise awareness towards the disease and to overcome the stigma, with the ultimate goal of controlling the spread of the disease in Diofior health district, in the Sine Saloum region.

produced by | Stop TB Italia with Fondazione Italo Monzino
directed by | Elena Dalmasso
edited by | Cristina Spizzamiglio
sound design by | Massimiliano Cestari
color correction by | Andrea Paganini


Two new articles were released about the documentary Lutteuses 47.
You can read the first, published in the Italian-African magazine “Assaman”, here and the second, published on “Voices of Milan”,here.
We thank Enrico Camana who is following the project with interest!

Is online the trailer of the documentary “Lutteuses 47”, shot in Senegal in February at the beginning of a training program organized by the Stop TB Italia ONG. A group of women was trained on tuberculosis and will help the sanitary district in the diagnosis and treatment of patients for the next three years. The full documentary will be screened soon. More information here.

A short movie – special content of “Lutteuses 47” documentary – to describe the work of a weaver Senegal. The fabrics are made in the serere areas of Sine Saloum, south of Dakar. They are entirely handmade and are recognizable by the type of work on the loom.

On the website you can find unedited clips shot in Senegal during the shooting of the documentary!
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coming soon trailer
The trailer for Lutteuses 47 will be presented today at the 23rd edition of the African Film Festival in Milan, at the Casa del Pane in Porta Venezia!

senegal finale2
With my heart full of joy, positivity and energy I came back from from Senegal. Great people, beautiful women. Now the venture begins: more than 40 hours of footage to study for the construction of a documentary able to present – at least a little – this beautiful country and the people. Let’s start!

The two training courses on tuberculosis ended today. They were held for the women of the villages in Diofior district, Senegal. Tomorrow the festival of villages and Djilor Yayeme begins. Another week in this wonderful country.